Emery Boards

Basicare’s essential, high quality emery boards are ideal tools for beautifully groomed nails. Their coarse and fine textures provide easy comfortable shaping. With this convenient ten unit pack, you can leave one in every drawer, purse or travel bag.

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How to Use

Remove nail enamel before filing. To prevent nails from peeling, it’s better to file with dry nails. Hold the emery board at a 45 degree angle under your nail edge. Begin with coarse side to shape and use the finer side to smooth off nail edges. Always start at the side of the nial and file toward the center. File in one direction to prevent breakage. Careful not to “saw” back and forth.

Care Instructions

Use a brush or sponge to remove residue.



Product Specifications

Coarse and fine textures Perfect for travel 10 unit pack


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