Cleansing Complexion Pad


Basicare’s Complexion Cleansing pad is an essential skin care product for exfoliating/scrubbing your face. The natural materials will make your skin feel smoother than ever before!



How to Use

First, wet the pad with warm water. The more water you add, the softer the pad will get. If you let it dry, the material gets harder again. This allows you to choose the scrubbing texture you prefer.
Next, add a bit of soap / shower gel / body wash. Gently but firmly rub in circular motions against your skin.
For a refreshed and vitalising effect, rinse your face with cool water. For a soothing and relaxing effect, use warm water instead.

Care Instructions

Rinse thoroughly after each use. Hang to dry in an airy place.

Additional information

Additional information



Product Specifications

Made of natural fibers to keep your face soft and smooth Cleans, exfoliates and massages.

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