Flexi Pro Waterproof Silicone Carbide Nail Files x3


Basicare’s Flexi-Pro Silicon Carbide nail file set is carefully crafted with your convenience and nail filing needs in mind. Firm, yet flexible and padded for comfort, use our files for taking down length, refinement and surface smoothing, with three different variations of coarseness.



How to Use

The COARSE (150 grit) nail file is most suited for natural toe nails, natural strong nails, false nails and nail extensions.
The MEDIUM (180 grit) nail file is suitable for shaping both finger and toenails.
The SUPERFINE (400 grit) nail file is ideal for the smoothing of the nail bed, to remove ridges and to give a smooth, even finish to the nail free edge.
Remove nail enamel before filing. To ensure smooth edges, nails should always be filed when dry.
Always file in one direction using long, smooth strokes.

Care Instructions

Rinse under running water and brush the grit surfaces lightly to remove any nail dust. Do not leave inmersed under water for more than 10 minutes.
Pat and air dry thoroughly before continued use.

Additional information

Additional information



Product Specifications

Waterproof Firm, yet flexible density Set of 3 : Coarse, Medium, and superfine nail files

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