Manicure Set 6 Pieces


With Basicare’s 6 piece manicure kit you can easily keep your nails stylish and clean with a quick clip or full mani-pedi. Fit with an easy-access pouch, our tools are designed to provide salon quality accuracy and precision. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to handle. Made of 100% high-quality stainless steel, you’ll notice a sharpness that allows you to trim your nails easily every time.



How to Use

Nail & Nose Scissors: To trim nails and nose hair quick and easy.
Cuticle Pusher: Best for cleaning and removing cuticles.
Nail File: Smoothes off the edge of the nails to help prevent cracking or breaking.
Nail Clipper: sharpened and made of stainless steal, makes trimming fingernails fast and easy.
Tweezers: For quick and easy hair removal.
Ear Cleaner – Carefully push the loop of the tool into the ear, turn the handle slightly, carefully pull out of the ear, clean the loop and repeat until no wax sticks to the loop.

Care Instructions

Clean blades after each use. Wipe clean with alcohol wipe and keep it in a dry place.

Additional information

Additional information



Product Specifications

100% Stainless Steel Convenient and portable Travel friendly Includes: Nail & Nose Scissors, Cuticle pusher, Nail File, Nail Clipper, Tweezers, Ear Cleaner

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