7 Way Nail Buffer Block

Basicare’s cushioned, travel friendly nail buffer with 7 functions in one perfectly follows the curve of your nails making polishing super-fast and easy. It works to help you shape the your nail into a desired shape or length without damaging the nail.
Its 7 Surfaces with different variations of grit are designed to combine funcitons of a nail file and nail buffer to sculpt to your desired nail sharpness and give your nails a healthy shine.
Simply follow this 7 easy steps in the following order and leave your nails with a perfect salon shine: shape, refine, remove ridges, condition, smooth, buff & polish.

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How to Use

SHAPE: File nail in one direction to shape edges with its coarse grit.
REFINE: Refine the shape with ots medium grit.
REMOVE: Smooth ridges and remove any staining on top of your nails.
CONDITION: Condition your nail
SMOOTH: Smooth your nail
BUFF: Buff across nail in one direction until it gets as shiny as desired.
POLISH & SHINE: Polish across nail in one direction to have a fine and smooth finish.
Remove nail enamel before filing. To prevent nails from peeling, it’s better to file with dry nails.

Care Instructions

Do not leave the buffer in water.



Product Specifications

Perfect for travel. 7 functions: Shape, Refine, Remove Ridges, Condition, Smooth, Buff and Polish.


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