Ultra Nail Shiner Kit

Basicare’s Ultra Nail Shiner Kit has everything you need to shine your nails with ease and comfort. It features top quality toe separators, an emery cuticle stick and a nail shiner which are perfect for both personal and professional use.
The nail shiner is designed to be non-abrasive to your nail bed, leaving your nails with a beautifully shined finish.

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How to Use

Put on the foam separators so that each toe is straight and isolated from the others.
Push the cuticles back, then gently shine your nails and toenails as desired and when the pedicure is ready, gently remove the cushions.

Care Instructions

Keep in a dry place.



Product Specifications

Includes: Toe Separators, Emery Cuticle Stick, Nail Shiner. 2 in 1 buff and polish.


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