Travel Sleep Kit

Basicare’s Travel Sleep Kit is the perfect travel companion when sleep is essential. Designed for easy storage and the ultimate sensory relaxation. Turn down the sound with soft foam ear buds, and turn off the lights with your satin eye mask. Allow your neck to rest comfortably with a soft fitted pillow and enjoy a deeper rest while traveling.

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How to Use

Inflatable Neck Pillow: Its ergonomic design provides comfortable support properly, helping to prevent tension and strain in the neck and shoulders.
Its large valve allows it to inflate with just a couple of deep breaths and also be quickly deflated for easy storage.
The velvet fabric feels soft and comfortable against the skin.

Eye Mask: It blocks out outside light for deeper rest. Made of satin to be lightweight and pressureless on the eyes while wearing. The adjustable elastic strap offers a personalized fit.

Foam Ear Plugs: Turn down surrounding sounds for a peaceful sleep. Made of responsive memory foam allowing plugs to easily fit into the ear with soft pressure and enhanced comfort.

Care Instructions

Wash with warm soapy water every two weeks of use. Rinse thorougly and allow to dry fully before storing.



Product Specifications

Eye Mask Inflatable Neck Pillow Ear Plugs


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